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Scouting for Everyone

Scouting for Youth and Adults, Boys and Girls

Scouting is one of the best programs for developing character, improving resourcefulness, and learning responsibility and skills in public service; and BPSA believes this program should be available to everyone, youth and adult, regardless of religious beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation.

Make scouting a tradition for your whole family!

Traditional Program

Scouting as it Was Meant to Be Played

Traditional Scouting is not historical re-enactment, but for the most part an attempt to present Scouting as the game that was played prior to the 1970s; and following principles and practices laid down by Scouting's founder, Robert Baden-Powell. Our aim is to promote good citizenship, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful skills.

We have a full range of training and proficiency badges for all program sections.

  • Otters (ages 5–7)
  • Timberwolves (ages 8–10)
  • Pathfinders (ages 11–17)
  • Rovers (ages 18+)
Outdoor Skills

Scouting Is an Outdoor Movement

Scouting is an outdoor movement and that is part of its character. The appeal of true Scouting has always been to that element of the vagabond, pioneer and explorer, which is part of our nature, and is at its most evident in youth. The BPSA focuses on this aspect of the program and encourages our Scouts, parents and volunteers to plan programs that take advantage of being out of doors, whenever and wherever possible!

Hence the significance of the opening sequence of B-P’s “Explanation of Scouting” in Scouting for Boys:

“By the term ‘scouting’ is meant the work and attributes of backwoodsmen, explorers and frontiersmen.”

Community Service

Putting Service Before Self

Scouting is a community-oriented experience, in that Scouts provide a function of public and community service.

Scouting's aims and methods train the youth to put service before self, whether by participating in community service projects with the group, organizing a public service project with their patrol, or even helping out around their school and home.

BPSA's program encourages leaders and volunteers to motivate the Scouts, no matter what section, to give back to the wider community in which they live. Service isn't something done as a requirement for a badge; it's something we do because we're Scouts!

Scouting for Everyone!

The BPSA offers an alternative and community-oriented Traditional Scouting program for youth and adults, boys and girls in the United States. We are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America or the Girl Scouts, USA; but are members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts and as such are not in competition with other American scouting associations; we are only their brothers and sisters in scouting. Our association is volunteer run and we have no full- or part-time paid staff—this allows us to keep costs down for parents and youth interested in the scouting program.

So, how do you find out more and get active in playing the game of scouting?

To find out more about our association and program, check out our About page, which gives some history and aims of the program;  and our Resources page, which provides program and uniform resources for both scouts and leaders. You can also check out our Program pages, and get information on each program section based on age range: Otters (5–7 yrs. old), Timberwolves (8–10 yrs. old), Pathfinders (11–17 yrs. old) and Rovers (adults, ages 18+).

You can also ask us a question or request someone to contact you via phone through our Support form. We’re more than happy to have someone give you a call and talk about the program and answer questions in a more personable fashion than email!

How do I get involved with a BPSA Group?

Where do you start in getting active and participating with a BPSA group? There are three registration options available:

Register 1-Year (Adult, Youth)
Individual Registration – A 1-year membership registration for Lone Scouts or Scouts joining an existing Group, both youth and adult sections.
Register Lifetime (Adult only)
Individual Lifetime Registration – A lifetime membership option for adults in the Rover section.
Group Charter Application
Group Charter Application – For chartering a new BPSA Scout Group or renewing an existing charter. After signing up on our Dashboard, simply click on the link to Charter a Group!


(1) Joining an existing BPSA Scout Group – If there’s a local BPSA Scout Group in your area, you can contact them and join up. You’ll need to talk with the Group’s GSM (Group Scoutmaster) and complete the 1-Year (Adult, Youth) Registration option above.  You can use our new online application ScoutFinder to help locate BPSA Groups, Lone Scouts, and others interested in getting involved in the program in your area.

If you don’t see a BPSA Scout Group in your area, don’t worry, there are still two more options available to you:

(2) Start a new Scout Group – If you don’t see a group in your area, BPSA can help you start up a new group! Traditional Scouting through the BPSA can only grow if people take up an interest in getting the program active in their local area. Check out our Starting a Group resource and/or Contact Us for ideas, resources and information! Once you’re ready, choose the “Group Charter Application” option above to complete a charter application for a new group in your local area.

(3) Join our Lone Scouts Group – the BPSA Lone Scouts program is for individual Otters, Timberwolves, Pathfinders and Rovers who might live in rural areas or just don’t have the interest locally in starting a new group up; but still want to participate in traditional scouting through BPSA. As part of the Lone Scouts program, you and/or your Scout will be part of the BPSA’s 1st Lone Scout Group, along with many others in our Lone Scout program. This provides an opportunity to participate in scouting without the need for a fully chartered Scout Group.

Adults joining the Rover section, whether with an existing group or as a Lone Scout, have the option of joining as a Lifetime Member for $100. This is a commitment from joining Scouters to BPSA and traditional scouting program here in the US; and these kinds of Lifetime memberships help the BPSA fund and promote its program nationwide.




To inquire or find out more about BPSA US, fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! You may also email support@bpsa-us.org or find local BPSA Groups, Scouters and others interested in the program by using our ScoutFinder application.

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