Online Store Available

We finally have our online store available!  You can get to it via the “Store” link in the main navigation menu above or access it online at this link:

We’re using WePay for our online store, and though it’s somewhat simple at the moment, a number of features are forthcoming that will let us broaden the store, including breaking things into categories and better organization.  At this time, we have some of our basic badges, the Timberwolf and Pathfinder Handbooks and some other odds and ends available.  We are sharing many of the special proficiency badges with the BPSA BC in Canada, and I’m looking at finding a way to integrate those badges (which will provide for everything we need) into the store very soon.  Give it a look and give us some feedback.

Uniforming is still piece-meal at the moment, as we don’t have the ability to have a single provider for the uniforms for each section.  As such, each Scout and chartered group is encouraged to find uniform parts that match the PO&R and the information we have on the “Resources” page.  We’re working towards finding someone who can supply uniforms across the board.

Some of the items we have are made to order, so when placing an order, do allow time for production and delivery (could be between 2-4 weeks at the most); but most items should be shippable within a week.  If you have ideas for the online shop, let us know via the contact area!  We’re always interested in member feedback.


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