BPSA, as an all-volunteer-run organization, relies heavily on the contributions and help of its supporters and members. These people and organizations are the ones who help us financially to move forward as an organization, maintain and deliver our program, and succeed in bringing Traditional Scouting to the US. You can make your tax-deductible donation using the link below, or contact us for more information. Donations can be made anonymously as well.

Businesses & Organizations

The following businesses and organizations have supported the BPSA through contributions. If you would like to be on this list, please use our “Donation” button above or contact us for more information.



The following individuals have contributed to the BPSA and have made a difference in the kind of program we can offer. We extend our thanks to them for all their support:

Tenderfoot ($25 contribution):

  • flexmox
  • Deborah Atchley
  • Jeff Atchley
  • James Relling
  • Richard C. Saunders

Explorer ($75 contribution):

  • Jeff Kopp

Scouter ($100 contribution):

  • Vesper Sparrow
  • Kemper Straley
  • James & Jody Rochon

Trailblazer ($250 contribution):

  • Scott Hudson

Backwoodsman ($375 contribution):

Frontiersman ($500 contribution):

Pathfinder ($1,000 contribution):

Adventurer ($2,000 contribution):

Chief Scouter ($4,000 + contribution):


Continuing Donations:

Our fund raising campaign is a limited-time fundraising effort. But you can always support and contribute to the BPSA and our program by donating through the following donation link. Anonymous donations are fine and any amount is perfect to contribute. You can even setup recurring donations that pull directly from your bank or checking account for convenience.


Donate to BPSA