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Looking for Web Developer Help

31 Aug

BPSA is looking for a freelance software/web developer to complete a project for our organization. If you or someone you know is interested in helping us build our new charter/registration system, we could use your help. We have a posting out on, which is open to bidding; but if you don’t have an ELance account, you can read the summary of the project (high level) below. If interested, sign up on, submit a proposal, and get in touch with us at! We have been unable to complete this project using currently for some time and need to get this new system in place and available as quickly as possible to help BPSA better manage our current growth and member community expectations. link:

Project Summary

Job Posting Id: 61586129
The Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) is a co-ed, inclusive scouting organization here in the United States. The organization is a non-profit and is in need of a chartering and registration system for new/existing groups and members that is available online (desktop, not mobile). This system would allow new and existing members to register/renew membership in the organization and new groups to be chartered (or existing groups renewed). The data would be stored long term via a backend database where organization staff could manage and pull reports.

Find out more about BPSA at

Job description:
We need a single, creative and motivated developer with a wide berth of experience in writing online applications and web site development. Client side will be heavy javascript/html5/css and with backend experience and database experience as well.

Our team doesn’t have any hard preferences for backend technologies or web stacks; and we are not against modifications of available off-the-shelf technologies as long as they can meet our needs and requirements.

This person will work directly with the head of the organization to quickly define requirements and build a working system in as short a time as possible.

Web development project type:
New Website

Client side or server side development:

Specific programming languages desired:
Can be developed on any preferred stack, LAMP, MEAN, etc.
Must be able to integrate a checkout process, preferably using Stripe or PayPal.
We also need backend storage for the system for administrative and reporting requirements.

Desired website or component functionality:
The following is a brief summary of the high level user stories:

The application will be available via desktop (mobile if possible, but not required) on all modern browsers (need to support IE9 and above plus Firefox/Chrome).

The application will allow for signup and login of users, where the user’s email address is their username.

A user, once logged in will be able to do the following actions which will add the item associated with the action to their ‘cart’:
- register a member (members can not be duplicated)
- renew a member they’ve already registered
- be able to register or renew multiple members in one checkout
- charter a new Scout group (groups can not be duplicated)
- renew a charter for an existing scout group

Once a user has completed filling their cart, they will be able to checkout the cart.
- this is preferably using Stripe or PayPal; but keeps the user on-site with no redirects.
- users should receive an email notification with receipt upon checkout
- users should receive some basic information (in pdf form that we have) via email upon successful ‘new’ registration and charter.

Users, upon login, will see an initial dashboard page summarizing their existing members/groups.

Users can logout of the application, which should clear any items still in their cart.

Users will receive email notification when registrations or charters are coming due (typically on a 1 year basis).

Select BPSA staff should have access to the backend data for reporting and other purposes.

Other requirements to be discussed once the project is started.

Additional comments:
Our organization needs a working system, meeting the minimal requirements in as short a time as possible. Because of volume and growth, along with other organizational needs, this is a high priority project. The developer will work directly with the organization’s president to refine requirements, complete a design and move the project from development through testing and into the public.

50 Scout Groups!

18 Aug


Sometime over the summer we surpassed the 50 Scout Groups milestone and are currently sitting at 53!

Thank you to our HQ and Staff members and especially those of you starting, building, and running BPSA groups around the country for ALL your hard work, effort and spirit in helping to make this program succeed for all of us!

Our newest groups are:

23rd Oaklanders, Oakland, CA
31st River Valley, Sacramento, CA
35th Coyote Creek, Bellflower, CA
64th Brandywine, Oxford, PA
141st Irregulars, St. Cloud, FL
702nd Desert Mountain Ranger, Las Vegas, NV
814th Brig Niagara, Erie, PA

Take a moment to welcome our new groups and celebrate our organization reaching 50+ chartered groups across the United States! We applaud all of your efforts at the local level and hope to serve you well into the future!

Welcome to Geoffrey McGrath and 98th Rainier Scout Group!

4 Jun


Many within the traditional-scouting movement have watched with equal parts anguish and inspiration as Boy Scouts of America Troop & Pack 98 from Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood fought valiantly for the right to follow their conscience as scouts. They have stood up for a right that we take for granted here in the BPSA; equality. Sadly, their battle with BSA national and their local council has not gone as many of us had hoped. First, Scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath, an Eagle Scout, had his BSA/NESA lifetime membership revoked when news broke that he was gay. Then the unit’s charters were revoked when his scouts, leaders, and their sponsoring organization, the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church of (RBUMC), under the leadership of Pastor Monica Corsaro, refused to dismiss him from his post.

Troop 98 began forming in the summer of 2013. It was intended at its inception to be fully inclusive, in both the youth and adult membership. It started out as an idea born of a known community need; a way to bring after-school program opportunities to youth in an under-served, diverse neighborhood. A committee was formed and agreed to be fully inclusive in their membership requirements on the question of sexual orientation. The idea of the Troop was adopted by the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church, the congregation that Mr. McGrath attends, and became the core of their new youth ministry. He was asked to be their Youth Leader.

The committee then reviewed several program options, and agreed to explore partnering with the BSA first. BSA was eventually chosen because the committee members included Eagle Scouts who had deep experience with BSA programming. Additionally, they were encouraged by the vote taken in May 2013 anticipating a membership policy change to begin including LGBTQ people. They reasoned that BSA might be willing to experiment with their group even ahead of the policy change, and in meeting with them were gratified to find they agreed, granting Pack and Troop 98 a Charter in the fall of 2013.

IMG_GeoffMcGrathWord of their inclusive troop spread. A reporter from NBC working on a scouting story heard from people in Utah about Troop 98, and contacted Geoff McGrath to do a “troop profile”; to understand why—during a period of membership decline—they were finding success in starting a troop in a Seattle neighborhood. Specifically, the reporter wanted to know if having a gay Scoutmaster was making a difference. This national attention resulted in BSA headquarters’ notice, a reversal of their council’s support, and led to the revocation of Scoutmaster McGrath’s membership and eventually the Pack/Troop charter as well. Months of campaigning, negotiations, and letters of support from the City Council, the Mayor, County Council, State Legislators, the Governor, and the Washington delegation to the US Congress were to no avail. The Council chose to sacrifice McGrath and his scouts instead of standing with them. Click here for the story, courtesy of NBC News.

Throughout their ordeal, Baden-Powell Service Association leaders from across the nation have extended offers of support and invited Scoutmaster McGrath and his scouts to join BPSA’s traditional-scouting association. After months of pursuing a resolution that would honor the unit and church’s inclusive ideals, Pack and Troop 98 leaders, and Rainier Beach United Methodist Church representatives met to discuss reinstatement offers made by their local council. Finding them unacceptable, Rainier Beach’s scout leaders have decided instead to become a BPSA scout group.

Group Scoutmaster McGrath will lead the reborn 98th Rainier scout group forward, continuing the established partnership with RBUMC. In the face of being asked to bar membership based on sexual orientation, and then to disband; they will instead expand inclusivity to include all ages and genders, and will welcome those with and without faith. Traditional scouting, for everyone, has come to Seattle. We call upon their community, which has stood so steadfastly by their side, to rally to their new cause; support their transition and growth.

Please join us in welcoming them back into the scouting movement, even though they never really left. Onward.


More New Groups to Welcome!

28 Feb

We’d like to announce another batch of newly chartered groups to our association:

51st Ad Astra – Mechanicsville, VA (Louise Capps, GSM)
16th Alberton Gorge – Alberton, MT (Frank McKinney, GSM)
39th Cypress – New Orleans, LA (Daniel Verlane Holloway, GSM)

Welcome aboard and good scouting to you!

Regional Commissioner Positions Available

6 Feb

BPSA is looking for volunteer applicants for the following positions!

The application deadline for these positions is March 15, 2014.

What are we looking for in our volunteer staff?

Consider this position if you…

  • believe in our mission to bring traditional scouting to the US within the context of a coed, inclusive environment,
  • have time and enthusiasm for our cause and program,
  • are willing to work hard to help BPSA succeed as a youth program, and
  • are 18 or over and are currently registered as BPSA member or eligible to register upon acceptance of the position.

If you meet the above criteria, read on; you could be a great fit for this needed role within our organization.

Regional Commissioner - Midwest & Southwest (2 positions)

BPSA membership and chartered groups are growing each year. To help provide a point of contact for members, Group Scoutmasters and others involved or interested in the BPSA program, we have put in place volunteer Commissioners at the “regional” level. Currently, we’ve divided up the country into 5 primary regions – Northeast, Midwest, South, Southwest, and West (see below).



Commissioners serve as Liasons and also representatives of their respective regions with HQ. Regional Commissioners are also considered voting members within their region. The primary responsibilities of Regional Commissioners are as follows:

  • Provide a first point of contact for members and non-members in their region about BPSA and our program
  • Help new and existing groups in their region maintain and build a good program
  • Coordinate, organize and work with other BPSA members in the region to provide training camps and activities
  • Enable effective communication with members, groups in the region regarding program and policy
  • Provide news and updates to BPSA HQ on regional activities, training and other events
  • Work with local groups and members to ensure BPSA and our program receive attention via news and other media sources
  • Network within the region to help find sponsors and supporters for the BPSA
  • Attend any quarterly HQ conference calls or meetings and provide input and ideas

Regional Commissioners are also able to delegate work to other BPSA members, groups or ad-hoc committees as needed for meeting any of the above goals. If funding for a particular activity, event, or undertaking is required, the Regional Commissioner should bring it to the attention of the Treasurer and also before HQ at a regular meeting for approval.

Volunteer applications should be sent via email to The “subject” line should mention the position being applied for, and the following information should be provided in the email:

Full Name: (First M. Last)

Social Security #: We do require a background check for all positions.

Contact Info: Phone number, alternate email

Address: Postal Address

BPSA Scout Group (if any): If you’re registered with a group or as a Lone Scout, let us know.

Resume/CV (attachment): If you have a resume or CV that provides background related to your position or that you might think is relevant, attach it.

Why you want to take on this position? Give us a summary of why you want this position; what intrigues you about it, what ideas you bring to the role and why/how you think taking on this role would be a benefit for BPSA and its program.

Remember, we need your application sent in to us by no later than March 15, 2014!

We look forward to hearing from you as we begin this process of staffing out HQ and working to make our organization and program more complete and successful!

Yours in Traditional Scouting,

BPSA HQ Staff and Committee

Newly Chartered Groups for January

16 Jan

We’ve just finished processing new charters from over the holidays, so I’d like to give a warm welcome to two of our newest chartered Scout Groups:

44th Lake Winnebago Scout Group
Appleton, Wisconsin
Group Scoutmaster: Dale Frampton

5280th Mountaineers Scout Group
Denver, Colorado
Group Scoutmaster: Joseph Clark

Welcome aboard to our new groups and happy hunting on your scouting trails!

Three New Groups to Welcome!

20 Nov

It’s time to take care of some business and welcome our newest Scout Groups to BPSA:

Group Name: 57th Camp Collins
Location: Ft. Collins, CO
Group Scoutmaster: Amie Tyler
Region: Southwest

Group Name: 212th FoF Dallas
Location: Dallas, TX
Group Scoutmaster: Dan Dornback
Region: Southwest

Group Name: 33rd Pioneer
Location: Spokane, WA
Group Scoutmaster: Joe Edge
Region: West

That brings our Scout Group count up to 45 across the USA. Welcome aboard and Good Scouting to you!

Fundraising and Grant Writing Assistance Needed

11 Nov

The Baden-Powell Service Association, having recently been granted 501(c)(3) status, is looking for people to help with fundraising and grant writing. Previous experience, although potentially helpful, is not necessary. We will be tasked with developing ideas and pursuing funding opportunities for BPSA-US.

If you are looking for a way to support our burgeoning effort to bring Traditional Scouting to Everyone, this would be a good one! Please email our Treasurer, Kathleen, at

Thank you!

Newly Chartered Groups! Welcome!

17 Oct

I wanted to take a moment to announce our newest set of chartered groups in the organization. Congratulations to each of these new groups and their Group Scoutmasters for stepping up and helping the youth in their community and making the BPSA traditional scouting program stronger for the future!  Follow the links to find them on Scout Finder and get in touch if you’re in their area(s)!

995th Wildcat Valley Scout Group
Group Scoutmaster: Lynn Gillespie
Location: Greentown, Indiana
Scout Finder:,IN

 34th Woodland Rangers Scout Group
Group Scoutmaster: Amy Marie Kwasnicki
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Scout Finder:,PA

82nd Sandhills Adventurers Scout Group
Group Scoutmaster: Nathan Feinberg
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Scout Finder:,NC

Welcome aboard and happy Scouting to you!

Fundraising and Grant Writing

1 Oct

We are looking for someone with experience with fundraising and grant writing to help develop ideas and pursue funding opportunities for BPSA-US. If you have any experience with either and are willing to lend your expertise, please send an email to Thanks!