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Tomorrow Is Founder’s Day…

21 Feb


As a reminder to everyone, tomorrow, February 22, is not just Washington’s Birthday, but also the birthday of our Founder, Lord Baden-Powell—and is traditionally known as “Founder’s Day.”

It is a day to wear your Scout group necker as you go about your daily life – both as a reminder to yourself of the traditions you uphold, and to let those around you know that you consider them important, and support Scouting.

Happy Birthday, B-P!

Badge Preview!

21 Aug

As I try to get the online store and ordering together for BPSA-US badges, neckers, and more, I wanted to post a preview of the new Tenderfoot/Association badge that will be coming in.  I’m working on a 2nd Class and 1st Class badge that match, and we also have group name flashes (for the right, top shoulder on the uniform) that will be available, customized with your group’s name.  I’ll post more as I move in this direction. However, once the badges are in, I’ll post a complete listing with price guide.

I’m coordinating with Alton at the The Rover Outpost fo badges and I think they’re looking good.  Initially, the store will have available the following:

  1. BPSA-US Tenderfoot/Association Badge (shown here)
  2. WFIS Membership Badge
  3. Group Name Flashes (1st Lone Scouts, and Group Name customized)
  4. Neckers – various designs and color combinations of your choice


Registration Payment Changes

2 Aug

Another quick update. I’ve been down hard due to a hard drive failure on my home computer and am in the process of recovering all those files (and putting in place a backup solution as well). However, I have completed some of the final changes to the registration process, to note, we are now taking payments online via  In the past, B-PSA has had one of the current officers (typically the Secretary) open and manage a local bank account to handle B-PSA finances. Over time, this has become a pain, given that most banks require a number things for access, deposits, payments, etc. and typically will need someone local to the physical bank to manage the account and make those changes for the group. As officers and staff change over time, this becomes a hassle trying to manage the bank account or move it to the new location of the incoming Secretary (or other officer taking on the responsibility). To mitigate these management and transition issues, B-PSA has moved to an online financial management solution at WePay allows us to provide an accessible, online bank account and allow multiple officers access and administration privileges on the account, as well as providing for quarterly/yearly financial transaction records and the ability to accept donations and provide for accepting payments for things like registration, activities and events in a more trackable manner.

We hope this provides for easier transitions of officers, transparency on finances to our membership (as we can provide financial reports from HQ on a yearly basis to members), and makes it easier to collect fees and donations as well.  Please check out and our information on the site as well. is a secure, BBB accredited, and certified financial institution with many of the features of PayPal but geared towards organizations and groups like B-PSA.

You can find the B-PSA donations page and registration page at the following links:

I’ve updated the “Join!” page to reflect this new payment information as well.  The forms available for download can still be mailed to the listed address on the page, but payments are now only accepted via online payment at the WePay site we have setup.  Those links are listed on the Join page along with all the other information you may need to register. I hope this change makes it easier and faster for scouts and groups to register; and it should make managing finances and tracking them easier on us as an organization. Should you have any questions or comments, please email them to or use our contact form on the site.

Please note: I am in the process of updating the language on the registration forms to remove the line about sending payments in with the forms. We can not accept payments via check, money order or other form via mail; but will only be taking online registrations via the account.

Thank you for bearing with us and keep on scouting!


Registration Form Fix

12 Jul

In talking with one of our prospective new members, Eugene, he pointed out that the zip code on the individual application was incorrect. I’ve corrected this and uploaded and linked the new form on the “Join” page. If anyone else has sent in registrations, please take note that the correct address zip code is 63090, not 63366. In looking at the US Post Office web site, if you have your return address on the envelope, it will be returned to you since it won’t be deliverable with the incorrect zip code (zip code is final routing destination before they go out for delivery).  Feel free to use the web site contact form or email me to let me know if you’ve experienced any issues.

Forums Reworking in Progress

31 May

I’ve been very busy lately, but the forum system we have installed is not very robust and is frankly just allowing spammers and bots to fill up the forums. The forums are currently being taken down and we will be moving to a much more robust forum system (phpBB) going forward. I had hoped to integrate the web site registrations with the forum registrations; but there’s no clean way to implement that feature currently. Once I get the new forums up and running, I’ll try and transfer everyone’s accounts over to the new forums so you can login; but I may have to default your passwords and let you change them upon initial login. The only folks that will have a login to the web site/blog will be those members of HQ or authors that are actually posting content.

I’ve had a couple of volunteers that have offered to step in as moderators, and once I get everything up and working I’ll notify each of you individually.  So, once it’s up, registration will only occur on the forums; and the forums will have the same basic breakdown of categories and areas that we had originally.

So, hold tight, and things will be up and going soon!


Welcome to the New Site!

16 Apr

Welcome to the new BPSA-US web site!

This web site will serve as the single point of information about B-PSA here in the US. The goal of this web site is,

  1. to provide access to information about our policies, program and activities
  2. promote B-PSA as a traditional scouting association
  3. help new comers find a local group and/or register a new group or for the lone scout program
  4. provide an online community for discussions in our forum, for both non-BPSA scouters and active members
  5. provide the most up-to-date calendar of events for members
  6. provide HQ with a way to make announcements
  7. and, with regular monthly columns, provide useful training and other resources for our members

To get started, be sure and register on the site (see the “Register” link on the right hand sidebar).  B-PSA US members who are active (meaning you have paid your annual registration fees) will have access to our “Resources” page and member-only areas on the forums.  All the other information on the site is open to the public and others who might be interested in traditional scouting here in the US.

Our “Photos” section is there so we can provide some pictures and albums of our association’s groups and scouts – so if you have pictures from a recent campout, meeting or other activity and would like to share them with the membership, please email them in with a short description and we’ll get them up.  We’ll try to automate this a bit more in the future.

The site should be fairly straight forward, so take a look around and be sure and register and leave some comments. We hope you enjoy the new site and we look forward to providing lots of useful information, resources and lively discussion moving ahead!

We also will have a monthly column from one of our newest GSM’s, Tony Place, or as he’s referred to elsewhere “Dr. Knott!”  Tony is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, and will be providing monthly content on knots, lashings and pioneering in general.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute a monthly column or resource on a particular subject of interest to scouts in our association, please contact us and let us know!

Dave Atchley
Chief Commissioner, B-PSA US

Thanks: I’d like to extend a thank you to Ric Raynor, George Stecher, Tony Place and Dan’l Adams for providing some much needed reviewing and editing suggestions on the site as we put it together; and content contribution.  A Scout’s duty is to be useful; and you guys sure have been.