The Timberwolf section is open to boys and girls ages 8–10 (grades 3 through 5). The Timberwolf Section is referred to as a “Pack” (much like the Otter “Raft” or Pathfinder “Troop”) and the smaller units within the Pack are known as “Sixes,” and both boys or girls may join (with the ideal number being 6–8 per Six).

The Timberwolf Pack should meet as a unit at least once a month (not counting outdoor activities and community service outings), and be led by the Pack Leader or Cubmaster (Akela) with help from the Assistant Pack Leader. Each Six should be led by a “Sixer” and a “Seconder” selected by Akela from the Timberwolves within that Six. The Sixer helps lead his or her Six during Six activities, and may also assist in training the less-experienced members. At the Pack Meetings, the Timberwolves can, after the opening ceremony, announcements, etc., break out into their smaller units (Sixes) to work on whatever it is they’re learning at the time.

All adult leaders (SMs or ASMs) will need to register with BPSA as Rover Scouts and will need to complete a Brownsea Training Course within their first year of membership. A minimum of two registered adult leaders is required per section. Parents from the Timberwolf Pack may step up to help lead on occasion, but they may only do so if accompanied by a registered leader (SM or ASM). These leaders will need to be of the opposite sex if the Pack or Six is co-ed.

The Timberwolf section offers games and practical activities based on The Jungle Book as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. Much of the learning is “by doing.” The overall program is similar in appearance to B-P’s original pre-1960s Wolf Cub program. The focus is on preparing the Timberwolf for Scouting in the Pathfinder section.


BPSA Timberwolf Handbook – online handbook for all Timberwolf scouts. Click here to order a coil-bound version.
Wolf Cub Handbook – original Wolf Cub handbook by Robert Baden-Powell
Cubmaster’s First Year – Great resource for new Timberwolf Pack Leaders.
How to Run a Pack – More details on running a Timberwolf Pack by Gilcraft.
The Pack Scouter’s Handbook – Great resource for Timberwolf Cubmasters.
Introduction to Traditional Scouting – Detailed information about our program and group structure

Uniforms and Badges:

Timberwolf Uniform – The current official uniform shirt & cap for all Timberwolf Scouts.
Timberwolf Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by GSMs or Scoutmasters (Section Leaders) ONLY.