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How do Groups handle liability and insurance?

Currently, BPSA does not provide insurance to each of its chartered Groups, although we are in the process of putting this together to have available at some point in the future. Right now, BPSA Groups operate using the available Medical Release and Liability Waiver Form, and having each registered member of the group sign and turn it into the Group Scoutmaster to keep on file. This is the same process many after-school and youth sports programs use around the country. If the Group can afford a minimal accident and liability insurance for the group, or through the hosting or sponsoring organization if they have one, BPSA encourages them to do so. Scout Groups may also ask for proof of insurance coverage for each Scout as well at the time of registration and keep a copy of the Scout’s insurance card on file with his or her records and forms.

What are BPSA’s child safety policies & practices?

BPSA takes safety and youth protection very seriously. Our Youth Protection Policy is available here: Code of Ethics and Youth Protection and it is required that registering adult volunteers/leaders learn these policies before working with youth. The guide is also part of our required Brownsea Training Course for Rovers. All adult leaders and Rovers (18+) undergo annual independent background checks. Further, our policy implements a strict “two-deep leadership” practice to ensure no child is ever alone with any one single adult (unless it is their own parent/guardian). Please read through the guide for a full overview of our policy and practices.

What training/resources are available for leaders?

BPSA runs at least two Brownsea Training Camps per year, typically once in the spring and again in the fall. The Brownsea Training Camp is the first step in training for all BPSA leaders and required within their first year of service. Training is available beyond Brownsea called Wood Beads. We also have a robust online community of leaders who continually share ideas and resources.

Does BPSA do background checks?

BPSA performs independent background checks annually on all registered adult members (Rovers 18+), whether working with youth scouts, or just individuals in the Lone Scout program. We do not accept third party background checks, and they must take place at the time of registration.

How do I become a leader?

Adults 18 and over who wish to volunteer as leaders must register as Rovers with an existing group, or as part of a new Group Charter. Once you are registered, you should make plans to attend one of BPSA’s Brownsea Training Camps for adult volunteers and leaders sometime within your first year (if possible). This training is required and necessary in order to fully understand traditional scouting, learn the skills needed to work with youth scouts, and how to operate and run the program within your group.