Traditional Scouting for Everyone

The Pathfinder section is open to youth of all genders aged 11-17 (grades 6 through 12). The Pathfinder Troop is made up of Patrols of 6 to 8 members, led by a (youth) Patrol Leader who shares responsibility with an adult Rover leader for planning adventures, trips, service, and projects.

The Pathfinder program is designed to empower and embolden our scouts, encouraging them to plan and implement their own projects, adventures, service, and skills. Adult leaders do not plan these meetings; they are merely offering supervision, transport, and making connections in the community when needed. This goes back to B-P’s original scouting program, and what he called “The Patrol Method,” as outlined in his book, Scouting for Boys.  

All adult leaders must register with BPSA as Rover Scouts and will need to complete a Brownsea Training Course within their first year of membership. A minimum of two registered adult leaders is required per section. 

When a Pathfinder turns 18, they are encouraged to continue their Scouting career by becoming Rover Scouts.


Pathfinder Handbook – BPSA-developed handbook for the Pathfinder section. Click here to order a coil-bound version.
Scouting for Boys – The definitive manual for scouts. This is the book that started scouting, complete with illustrations by B-P. Originally published in installments every other Wednesday from January 15, 1908. The book consists of introductions for Scouters, 28 “Campfire Yarns” for Scouts, and a summary. Also available in paperback.

It should be noted that this text was written in 1908 and is in every way a reflection of the time. BPSA-US aims to move beyond the vestiges of colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, et al contained within this text and we are working every day to build a program that embodies 21st Century inclusivity. We look to the history as a framework for our educational method and theory, but we denounce the bigotry and discrimination presented in these texts. 

Uniforms and Badges:

Pathfinder Uniform – The current official uniform shirt for all Pathfinder Scouts.

Hats – Pathfinders may choose to wear the traditional campaign-style hat or a red beret.

Pathfinder Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by Scoutmasters ONLY.


We welcome everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion (or no-religion) or other differentiating factors. Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment within the context of democratic participation and social justice. We foster the development of scouts in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.